About This Project

I like to cook and I like to draw.  I’m always thinking about flavors I want to taste, and pictures I want to make. Sometimes I head to the kitchen, other times I get out a sheet of paper. I’m fortunate. Both drawing and cooking are extremely satisfying, and they have a lot in common–color, contrast, and composition. A meal tastes even better when it looks good on the plate.

Every Sunday morning I go to the Farmers Market in Hollywood. I usually get there before 8 AM while many farmers are still setting up. I meet the same shoppers every week, and we swap recipes and tips about who has the best stuff that day. Shoppers and vendors have one thing in common–we all love food.

In November 2009, I got the idea to combine my two passions. I decided to make pastel drawings of all the changing produce from the Farmers Market over the course of a year. The result is one hundred eighty-three images that comprise “Draw Cook Eat,”  my personal record of art and food.

I gave myself a few simple guidelines. All the produce, chicken, and fish had to be fresh from the Farmers Market, and each drawing was in charcoal or pastel on 8 1/2  x 11-inch brown kraft paper. I did most of the drawings in my kitchen, because that’s where the food is.

In November 2010, to celebrate the year, I had a one-day pop-up exhibition at the Harris & Ruble Gallery in Hollywood, just a few blocks from the Market. But I didn’t want the project to end there. So I decided to make this website, with recipes from the pictures. To get started, I’ve posted twenty five drawings, with all the rest to come.  I’ll be posting new entries frequently, so please check back.

My mother was the first to teach me about combining flavors. As she used to say, “Happy eating.”

March 2011